Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Must watch movies

District 9 (bad and boring for the starting not bad for story telling,the action begins in the middle a plus for robot fight and the alien guns and the idea where only aliens can use those guns)....

Banlieue 13 or District 13 : bad story telling but nice actions!!! are they were a real jumpers? (lots of this guys who jump from other buildings to another in france)

Raging Phoenix: Jeeja (jija) Yanin was fantastic at her first movie Chocolate she's doing it without any stuntman and yes she's kickin man ass hehehe i love this girl can wait too watch this one

Inglorius Basterds:my friends told me its a good one!!! (which one made by Tarantino is Bad?) must watch..

Avatar: (James Cameron $200 million movie) who's gonna be so stupid to make it bad with that cost

Where the Wilds Things Are:I always love this kind of movie like what Guillermo made, this one by Spike Jonze...must watch


Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Watercolourator application with Stina Persson styles

Stina Persson watercolour "trademark" art was fantastic and you can try it by your own here it's a bit tricky but lots of fun :)

Sketchbook of Russel Stutler

whoohohoho I've found Russel Stutler and his awesome illustration (sketchbook + brushpen + watercolours + good skills) via Calosa's I wish i can draw like that someday :( check out some of his works...

niue ruled notbuk

Still cannot find the moleskine to replacing my 2nd's but i found this one (as a gift to myself hehehehhe) at bookstore a Monologue ruled A6 notebook looks Ok but the hard cover seems to stiff compare to moleskine's anyway lets give a try to this brownie >:)

"destroying" my twitter background

destroying my twitter background in good way hehehhe...