Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Must watch movies

District 9 (bad and boring for the starting not bad for story telling,the action begins in the middle a plus for robot fight and the alien guns and the idea where only aliens can use those guns)....

Banlieue 13 or District 13 : bad story telling but nice actions!!! are they were a real jumpers? (lots of this guys who jump from other buildings to another in france)

Raging Phoenix: Jeeja (jija) Yanin was fantastic at her first movie Chocolate she's doing it without any stuntman and yes she's kickin man ass hehehe i love this girl can wait too watch this one

Inglorius Basterds:my friends told me its a good one!!! (which one made by Tarantino is Bad?) must watch..

Avatar: (James Cameron $200 million movie) who's gonna be so stupid to make it bad with that cost

Where the Wilds Things Are:I always love this kind of movie like what Guillermo made, this one by Spike Jonze...must watch


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