Friday, December 17, 2010

50 Excellent Drawing Blogs

The tiniest corners and cracks of the Web are teeming with artistic talent to inspire you. Illustrators, gallery artists, cartoonists, comic, conceptual and other visual artists from all over the world are posting their work, sometimes daily. We dug up some of the lesser-seen talents whose pages dazzle with drawings ranging from realism to comic renderings, pencil and charcoal sketches, watercolors, landscapes and portraits, not to mention some excellent drawing lessons. Here's a glimpse of some of the amazing talent buzzing online: 50 Excellent Drawing Blogs
Me and my Indonesia Sketcher's friends is in the list of 50's :) check out their artworks:

10. Dhar Chedhar Intimacy through generosity is created in the way Cedhar fills each entire page with the details of a scene, from a marketplace in Jakarta to a young artist concentrating in his studio. It is the generosity of detail that makes each finely penned and colored landscape seem to have flowered naturally out from one original detail.

11. Gunawan Wibisono The head-on perspective of a few of these penned pieces (some richly watercolored), wake the viewer up to the artist’s eye for detail and delicious sense of shape. In Wibisono’s pictures of vehicles and in his very intimate portraits, we are able to grasp the artist’s tender connection with his subjects.

33. Jatmika Aji The first few sketches on this blog are simple and stark, but scroll down to the lush pen and watercolor image of the woman holding a portion of food. Here is a glimpse of what Teak can really do. His pieces are not only rich in color and an economy of lines, but they give an honest, direct view of life in his city.

37. Shanti Yani There is humor and a lovely, childlike capturing of small details in a few of Yani’s watercolor illustrations. However, she is also capable of long, lyrical lines that create a more serious mood. Check out the difference between “Bird Kiosks in New Market “ and the picture of two eagles, one with its claws out.


Anonymous said...

whoa!! seuatu kehormatan bisa diulas di blogmu, Dav. terus berkarya untuk Indonesia!!


Unknown said...

sama2 terus berkarya juga :)